Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

Bad poetry

I do not understand poetry.
I do not understand poetry.
I understand prose.
You say what you want to say. You say it.
I understand song.
You have a melody and you sing it.
The words follow the melody.
But I do not understand poetry.
Why break the flow for the rythm?
Why break the rythm for the flow?
I do not understand poetry.
That's why my poems are bad.

Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014

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Вот почему я люблю Dinosaur Comics. Если хочется что-нибудь по-проще или по-умнее, послушайте это.
Click on the links. Don't doubt, have faith. If you're disappointed, let me know.
Deckt das wirklich alles ab? Für mich, hmmm... ziemlich viel. Klicken und gucken, meckern dürft ihr in den Kommentaren.

Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

Chocolate museum / Schokoladenmuseum / Музей шоколада

On Friday I went to the Chocolate Museum in Cologne with my ladies.  Very nicely located on the Rhine, near the customs port, it informs about the production of chocolate, from the cocoa tree to the packaged chocolate, and about the history of cocoa and chocolate cultivation, production, and consumption, from its Mesoamerican beginnings to modern times. As befits a chocolate museum, it also has a café (with a view on the Rhine) serving hot chocolate and sweets, as well as the usual hot drinks and, during noontime, a small, but tasty, selection of hot dishes; it also has a shop selling chocolates and sweets. We spent about 3 hours there, including lunch at the café. As I'm the kind of person who looks at every exhibit and reads all the informatory signs, I was about 2/3 through the exhibition when my ladies finished, so I didn't see the exhibition on the 3rd floor, which, as my daughter told me, was about chocolate producers and brands.
It's a well-done exhibition, and has some nice attractions, like a hothouse with tropical plants, working machines producing chocolate that feed a chocolate fountain where you can taste said chocolate, a stand where you can design and buy your own chocolate bar, puzzles and games dispersed through the exhibition. We spent 80 € on that outing - 25 € for a family ticket, 40 € for food and drinks for three at the café, and 15 € for chocolates. I can recommend it as a place to spend an educational and fun afternoon, both for families as well as for adults.
Am letzten Freitag war ich mit meinen Damen im Schokoladenmuseum. Interessante Ausstellung und ein nettes Café mit Blick auf den Rhein und gutem Essen. Ich kann's empfehlen.
В пятницу мы с семьей посетили Музей шоколада в Кёльне. Там экспонаты объясняют происхождение и производство шоколада и историю распространения и употребления этого продукта. Имеются, конечно, и кафе (с видом на Рейн и вкусной едой) и магазин шоколада. Интересное место, стоящее посещения.